Warmth Baby Blanket Fabric Both In Winter And Summer

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I’m pretty sure that someone in your family knows how to weave: be it you, your mother, your mother-in-law or your cousin. And surely if you are reading this is because you are expecting a baby, and you want to make a blanket to be well wrapped during winter months. Therefore, we want to give you some ideas of baby blanket fabric. There are different ways to make a blanket, you just need a little imagination and get right needles and wool. Both in winter and in summer, if you have a baby, it is important to keep it warm. You do not need an ultra warm blanket, with something lighter you will also feel good, for that reason, this time we tell you how to make a very simple but very useful blanket.

With sewing machine, make straight stitches that you can previously mark with chalk, about 10 cm away from each other. Apart cut a strip of checkered fabric as long as possible since it should be for entire contour of blanket and about 6 cm wide. Fold it first in half for entire length and fold it so that fold is marked. Then fold each side, always along, 1 cm inwards. It does not necessarily have to be a woolen blanket: today polar is very much used, which is also warm, so if you want one of these materials you will need a sewing machine. You can also transform your old sweaters into a warm blanket. It’s very easy!

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Take old sweaters and recycle them! With just a little patience you can turn them into a cozy handmade baby blanket fabric. It will have a patchwok effect. Then you can decorate it with ribbons, buttons or fabrics. Animate to create yourself this coat that will protect you during several winters. First of all it is necessary to straighten sweaters. For this it is necessary that you wash them in a washing machine in hot water with a pair of jeans. Once dry, place sweaters on a table. Cuts large rectangles from front and back. You can also cut smaller pieces of sleeves. Sew different pieces with a zigzag stitch. Then give new stitches with your sewing machine to make sure. Create long strips to form body of blanket. Try to create an attractive design by playing with different colors of each sweater.

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Once you have finished joining all pieces add additional accessories such as buttons or ribbons. If you give yourself time, you can make a patchwork blanket, as it is very original and you only need different fabric cuts. You can do it in a more formal style, looking for fabrics in same tones, or more crazy, with fabrics of different colors and patterns, especially if you have old cuts that you do not know what to use. Without a doubt, with these ideas of baby blanket fabric you can make your own with ease. Tell us how you have been and how you have decided to do it, if it was easy or difficult and what else you would like to do with your own hands to your baby.