Warm Bernat Baby Blanket For Winter

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Winter arrives, temperatures go down, the cold cools down the bones and in our mind we have a clear idea, you need adequate bernat baby blanket. The cold of winter is annoying and uncomfortable for adults, but for babies it is even worse. They do not move, they can not walk to get a little warm. We must provide them with clothes that provide them with the warmth and warmth they need, in order to spend this time of the year in the best possible way. Having adequate blankets for babies is essential, so that our little one can be warm at all times.

Whether at home, while sleeping peacefully in his crib. Or in the street when we necessarily have to go out and we must take it with us. Our baby needs a blanket to avoid losing heat and to provide it. So you do not notice bad weather that makes. The chosen blanket must be soft to the touch. So that the blanket causes a cozy and warm feeling in our hands, not in vain it will end up wrapping up a loved one. We can opt for natural or synthetic fibers, the first of much more quality, as cotton or wool, the second although cheaper are still dangerous because of the low resistance to fire that they are composed of highly flammable chemicals.

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It is for all this that the most recommended in quality price is lambs wool. Or lamb wool, is very soft and fine Merino sheep wool, from young sheep whose wool is softer than more mature animals. It is preferable to choose a blanket of Spanish manufacture, supporting the made in Spain . The manufacture in China, India and other Asian countries generate quite a lot of problems for the Spanish industry. Besides which, we can not expect a good bernat baby blanket that comes from Asia. Surely it has a very good price but it will not take more than one winter to have to Go back and buy another blanket.

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The standard measurements for a baby blanket. Usually around 120 x 70 cm with the idea of ​​serving for the crib, cart, car, etc. And be able to serve to cover the baby even when they are spending some years. The weight, it is absolutely necessary that the blanket is not heavy. Not for weighing more will shelter more. About 200 or 400 g will be more than enough.

It is a matter of taste and especially if it is tart as a boy or girl. From the classic blue checkered for children, to the typical pink for girls, going through a daring yellow. Which apparently develops more intellect during the first steps of his life, or the camel? Then beige that becomes a common bernat baby blanket for both sexes. And that can be use to move from one brother to another when the first one grows and the second one begins to need it. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!