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Surely you have heard of swaddling and if not here I tell you a little more about this method and its benefits. Swaddle is a way to wrap baby, which allows him to feel content and secure as he was in his mother’s belly. Wrapping it in this way keeps it warm and curled up, allowing it to sleep better. Baby girl swaddle blankets become very popular in recent years as it has recovered practice of wrapping baby with a blanket or blanket due to benefits it provides to newborn. It is not a new technique; mothers and nursery mothers already used it in eighteenth and nineteenth century because babies were calmer and slept better.

Avoid Moorish reflex (one that causes arms to open as if they were falling into space), which all babies have and that often wakes them up even when they are still sleeping. A good swaddling gives them more security and tranquility. Once you learn how to swaddle your baby you realize how easy and enjoyable it is for them. It seems more complicated than it is but once you learn it is to touch. Wrapping baby gives him warmth and security. Especially during his first days of life. In which he has yet to get use to living in a temperature different from that of womb.

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In addition, excessive space available can scare or keep you restless. So advocates of this practice explain that it even helps that baby sleep better. And is more relax as it is more collect. Before baby girl swaddle blankets it is convenient to choose the right moment to do it. Preferably when you have already eaten and it is change. It is also important not to squeeze too much the blanket or blanket, especially the part of the legs. So as not to damage the baby and leave a little space so you do not have your legs fully stretch to avoid suffering from hip dysplasia.

Many mothers have found that the technique of wrapping the baby relaxes them and helps them to sleep. Although it is also true that by having a longer and calmer sleep they cannot wake up to take their shots. So prudence is recommended so that loses weight. Especially in the first days of life and make an adequate diet. It is also not recommended to continue with the practice when the baby can already turn and move independently.

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To make a good baby girl swaddle blankets, most important thing is blanket with which you will wrap it. It should be a soft fabric that stretches enough to not squeeze too much. And also keep it cool. Cotton is ideal for this because it has a soft touch (delicious), is a light fabric. An open fabric that does not make them perspires. It is also durable and strong allowing baby to feel comfortable. With this heat is an excellent option to invest in a good soft blanket and breathable fabric. It is a brand that is worth knowing and considering. How great that today we find everything in our country. There are many brands and foreign products; it is no longer necessary to buy them out.