Tutorial Make A Fox Baby Blanket

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Fox baby blanket – As a gift for the birth of a baby there is nothing more moving than something handmade and personalized. Some clothes or a decorative object, express your creativity with the point, the seam or even the crochet. Or an original and unique newborn gift, explore the trends of DIY (Do It yourself, do it yourself). And then delight your gifts with a present made with your own hands. The blankets are very loving, warm and soft. And it’s always nice to cover them, even if only to touch them. They are so soft. We love having them on the couch or at the foot of the bed. But when we have a baby at home, it is essential to have it around.

First, as a kid, to cover it, shelter it and make it feel warm. And when our little one grows up, we can put it on her like a play blanket. And when the baby has grown, we will have an ideal blanket for both the sofa and the car. They are so warm and so loving. What a treat? They become timeless and essential in our homes and outside. That’s why, although we call them baby blankets, they are not exclusive to the smallest ones. Fox baby blanket are the perfect quick project for your favorite baby, toddler, or child of any age. These would make fabulous gifts for your little ones with Christmas right around the corner.

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You can make a child size fleece fox baby blanket, but when you roll them up they reveal a fun animal face. They can snuggle it like stuffed animal or you can toss that little animal face on your little ones bed. Take the fleece for your fox and cut them down to 24 inch by 36 inch rectangles.  If you’d like, you can use a round object such as a plate, to trace around and curve the edges. Don’t suggest curving the edges if you use satin binding. A straight edge is much easier for mitering the corners. Print out your fox pattern pieces and cut them out. Pin them on your fleece and cut.

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Directions for fox baby blanket: Remember, these are the pieces you will need to cut out for your fox blanket. Pin your head pattern piece about three until four inches away from each edge of the blanket on the bottom left corner of the blanket. Sew the head piece into place using the stitch of your preference. (Can use a blanket stitch on the sewing machine.)  Next, line up the two face pieces. You will reverse the face pattern piece on your pattern directions. You need to make sure that you not cut two of the same piece. But cut two mirror images of the face piece. Pin the face pieces into place and sew them on. Last, add on the eyes and nose. You will finish up your fox baby blanket by choosing the binding of your choice.