Simple Ways To Make Fleece Baby Blanket

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Fleece baby blanket – The fleece cover is made of polyester fibers. They keep the heat well, do not cause allergies, and are very soft and easily erased. So, very suitable for baby. In addition, fleece can “breathe”, which is a rarity for synthesis. But it’s important to remember that fleece without special treatment is flammable, electrified enough, and its cheap options quickly “roll off” and lose an attractive look. Sometimes sellers can make sure their goods are made of “cotton fleece”. Do not believe. Fleece is originally a synthetic fabric. There may be natural additives, but the foundation is always polyester.

To keep your lovely baby body warm on cold winter evenings, there’s nothing better than a blanket. You can create the latter using a type of lightweight and durable fabric like fleece. It is a type of cloth similar to velvet, but which is actually pressed cotton. With a minimum of skill in the art of sewing, you can then make a fleece baby blanket. In a short time and with a minimum of expense. Let’s see together the procedure to be followed. First cut out all the edges of the colored pile, which you can buy in a fabric store. The ideal size of a fleece blanket is about 140×150 centimeters. But it can certainly vary depending on your needs.

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Once the size is established, take the scissors and round the four corners. These to give the deck the typical shape of the one available in stores. At this point, edge each side of the blanket with a width of one centimeter, rolling it a couple of times on itself. So as to create a border thick and in relief with respect to the rest of the blanket. As you perform this operation, baste the edge with a needle and white thread until all the sides are completed. These using the same method to make the corners become round. After sketching the fleece blanket, devote yourself to decor, choosing between embroidery, the application of a decal for fabrics or figures made with pieces of cloth reported.

Embroidery is certainly the simplest. Since once you have drawn the chosen image on the fleece fabric you can do it either by hand or with the sewing machine. Perhaps with special stitches, using the appropriate shoes provided. The decals method is also very quick and easy and consists of using drawings. That, once resting on the center of the blanket, should be heated with a steam iron, using greaseproof paper as an interlude. The heat allows you to transfer the image on the fleece baby blanket, perfectly and without smudging. This last type of application is however not recommended. Because after a series of washes the image may become discolored.

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Using the decoupage technique instead you can cut out the figures drawn on a paper pattern. Apply them on plain or fleece fabric and sew them in the middle of the fleece baby blanket. Once the decoration work is finished, all that remains is to finish the edges previously laid out. With quite wide zigzag stitches, typical of fleece blankets available on the market. Good job. Never forget: using the decoupage technique instead you can cut out the figures drawn on a paper pattern. Apply them on plain or fleece fabric and sew them in the middle of the blanket.