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Today’s doubt could not be more original and fun. Today we show you ideas for decorating a baby’s room with a camo baby blankets style. Well of course yes, in Boho Chic Style we dare with everything and the more original much better. Camouflage can be a particularly fun theme, especially for children’s rooms, but paint can be a bit intimidating. Patterns known collectively as “camouflage” vary in color and style from earth-colored cladding green and brown arrangements of squares to places on a leopard.

Whether you want to paint your bedroom in camouflage because you are a soldier, hunter or paintball fanatic, you love colors are typically use in camouflage. Or you simply like the idea of ​​doing something a bit off-the-wall on your walls. Tailor your camo paint job to your favorite colors and layout of your bedroom. Get a space design to your liking is possible. But to be balance and not overwhelming, pay attention to the mixture of colors and saturation of the room with the camouflage pattern. You can paint all the walls of a green, beige or other light tone and create the accent on a wall by placing the camouflage pattern on it.

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Choose camo baby blankets colors for the walls to match the rest of your bedroom decor. Linens especially since the bed is the furniture focal point for most bedrooms. While traditional camouflage colors are brown, beige, green, khaki and different shades thereof. There is no law that says you can say invent a white, gray and black camouflage pattern to paint on your walls to match your carbon black sheet . It is not advisable to use it much because it can weigh too much visually. Fortunately, the camouflage patterns are not as complicate as they seem. But if they take time to work, doing it on one wall alone may be appropriate.

Select light colored sheets and pillow cases. Beige, nude, raw, gray … A solid color in the bedding is easy to mix and match with military style patterns. When using decorative vinyls you have to take into account the type of wall you have. The ideal is a smooth wall. But if it is rough or with gotelé you have to check with the manufacturer of the vinyl that is suitable for that type of wall. While there is some that do not present problems. Others are impossible to place in this type of walls.

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There are several options of combined camo baby blankets and style vinyl. You can place small vinyl on some walls, which give a funny touch to the space. Or you can decide for something bigger on a wall. Always without overwhelming. Add some other ephemeral element, which you can remove without problems when you get tired of it. Worn wood and natural materials in curtains will complete the army style of your room. You can do some DIY projects with your child, make him part of the decoration of his room and have a good time together.