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Baby’s skin is, as we all know, still very fragile. So you need materials adapted to your skin when you choose clothes, accessories, and anything that will rub on your skin. As said above, baby’s skin is fragile. It can be irritated by rougher fabrics. So when choosing your thermal baby blanket, be careful to opt for a soft material, to protect the little angel from possible redness. Baby must be neither too hot nor too cold, which is why we need to adapt the fabrics according to the seasons.

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So, for periods of heat, it is advisable to opt for light cotton. Conversely, when temperatures begin to fall, a warm, warm fleece is recommended. Cashmere is common like other types of wool: mohair, merino, virgin wool, etc. It is more comfortable than the polar or acrylic cover. The thermal comfort of the cashmere thermal baby blanket is defined by its weight in g / m2 which is between 130 to 800g / m2. The higher the number, the better the thermal comfort.

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Most thermal baby blanket is subject to specific treatments, such as cashmere which has been treated with mite and antibacterial. Which is a boon for the health of your child especially if it develops allergies? The maintenance of the baby blanket is something very important, choose one in which the maintenance will not be a problem for you.