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Cotton Muslin Baby Blankets Great As Nursery Covers – In recent years, parents have loved the organic cotton muslin baby blankets to keep their infants snuggled and secured. While we all know about multiple usage of such plain blankets besides the swaddling part, a lot of moms have tried using these as nursing covers as well, and loved it! For the moms who are yet to discover this useful fact, here we are to help!

The Benefits of cotton muslin baby blankets, Cotton is a natural fabric, and muslin is a very fine kind of cotton, that is known for its premium quality and longevity. The most amazing quality of cotton is that it is breathable; which means it allows anything made out of it to vent out the heat forming inside. When swaddling blankets for babies are made of muslin cotton, the baby’s body temperature does not remain trapped inside, making the baby uncomfortable. It easily gets out through the woven threads of the blankets, and allows fresh air to enter, to keep the baby in comfort. Moreover, the organic blankets leave no harmful effects on the baby’s skin. Cotton is a fabric that gets softer after every wash, so the blankets made out of it will also become cozier for the baby.

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Cotton muslin baby blankets as nursing covers, of course there are custom-made nursing covers that can help a mom in need of feeding her child in public places. Such situations may arise unexpectedly, and then, the cover might not be there at hand. In cases like that, a mom can easily use the lightweight cotton blanket as the nursing cover. It will be comfortable and convenient for both the baby and the mom. Plus, the muslin cotton swaddling blankets can reduce the load of carrying an extra piece while traveling. The blankets have also been used as a sun-cover by moms, to keep the tender, little one safe from direct sunlight while inside a car, or anywhere outside.

How to use the cotton muslin baby blankets as cover? When a mom is in need of feeding her baby, she should make sure that she is comfortably seated, first, and also in a convenient location, if possible. Then she can get the swaddling blanket and tie it around her neck like a bib, so that her chest and upper part of the body is nicely covered. The muslin cotton swaddling blankets are generally 47 inches x 47 inches in size, so it can easily cover everything when the baby is being nursed. The mom can be graceful without a worry to feel awkward anyhow. The blankets are that multipurpose, indeed!

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There is a mass of different style of muslin baby blankets and these can be obtained both online and offline. There are wraps in pink, red, orange and white made especially for the little princesses. The navy blue, sky blue, brown and cream colored fabric wraps are made for boys. Yes you can use them for girls as well but these colors are most associated with boys.