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Monogrammed Baby Blankets For Baby Gift – The wonderful event of a new birth is an occasion for celebration, be it within your own family or a dear friend. Many people offer gifts to the new parents as a way to celebrate the occasion, and also to give them a helping hand with some of the essential items that are needed to make a baby’s first year comfortable. Gifts can vary from expensive items such as cribs, strollers and clothing to cheaper items such as toys, bibs or mobiles. Blankets are a firm favorite as a gift as there is always a need for baby’s warmth and comfort. Blankets are a relatively inexpensive option as a gift. Monogrammed baby blankets are a way to personalize the gift and add that extra special touch to gift giving.

Most traditional monogrammed baby blankets consist of the baby’s name or initials and the birth date. Of course, you could add your own personal message to the monogram if you so wish. There are two styles you can take when adding a monogram to the blanket. You could add it to an edge of the blanket, in a small font and aimed at being fairly unobtrusive. This could be seen as a more practical choice and would ensure that the blankets are put to use and some practical value is gained from them. The alternative is to be bold with the monogram, possibly, in large and bold colors with an elaborate logo or font. Essentially this design is aimed at creating a family heirloom or memento of the occasion that is a unique event in the lives of the people involved. The hope is that the blanket will not be used but be packed away in a safe place and brought out to celebrate the family history.

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Both approaches are fine and deciding on which approach to take should involve the affect you want to make on the parents and the need they might have for baby items. Of course you could solve both these problems by creating a monogrammed baby blankets sets. Providing a set of blankets makes sense in some ways as you know that the blanket may be heavily used and wears out so a replacement blanket will be a great help. On this point, the blanket should be made of natural fibers, as these materials tend to be more durable and comfortable. A cotton blanket for example will last many washes and will allow air to circulate making it more comfortable for baby.

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The birth of a baby is a precious moment in life and a monogrammed baby blankets is a memorable way to celebrate the occasion. An even better choice of gift is to hand monogram the blankets so that you can produce your own unique present. A do-it-yourself monogram can give you more flexibility on the type of blanket and the monogram design that you use. It also adds a unique, personal touch that you just can’t buy out of the shops. For more details on how to create a monogrammed blanket or a personalized baby blanket gift visits our site that specializes in blankets and bedding.