Knowing Baby Swaddle Blankets Technique Well

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I have heard several mothers talking about the baby swaddle blankets or wrapping the blanket around the baby like little tamalitos, with a blanket or sheet slightly tightened, leaving only the head outside. Some say it’s good because it’s like trying to make babies feel like they’re in the womb. Other mothers do not agree because it takes away their freedom of movement. The truth is that nothing is clear about its benefits, since there are no studies that support this technique. And it is understood, because what mother wants to expose her son to studies knowing that it could be harmful to his development?

In spite of that, I researched on this topic and found some information that could interest them and I present them in “the pro and cons of swaddling in babies”. As for the benefits of wrapping the baby with a blanket, it is true that keeping babies warm, warm gives them a sense of security and recreates being inside the mother’s womb. Another benefit would be that it gives tranquility to the baby and that it does not panic when it moves involuntarily, containing it. And they say that also, when they feel comfortable, they sleep more.

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A study by orthopedic surgeon Nicholas Clarke does not agree with the use of this system. Since it should allow the development of the healthy hip, where the legs are able to bend and move freely. In this way, the natural development of the hip joints is allowed. Not knowing how to use the baby swaddle blankets technique well. It can produce that at the time of growth of the baby. The ligaments become rigid and damage the cartilages of the hip, which could cause dysplasia. In this sense, in Japan it was request not to use this technique in babies. And the rates of hip problems decreased by 50% in cases.

Revolutionary tips to apply the technique of wrapping the baby with a blanket. So, ideally, if you are going to use a blanket to wrap your baby. Allow the legs to have space to move and not to press each other. Or just do not use a blanket and put it in a bag where your legs have space. And also, make sure that the material you use allows you to breathe in your body. Since one of the precautions that are ask when using the blankets is to avoid the suffocation of the baby and with it, sudden death.

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Also, that the baby swaddle blankets or bag does not cover the respiratory tract. When you put the wrapped baby to bed, you should never leave him behind, always on his back. And do not apply this technique beyond the 4 to 5 months of your baby. Since it is an age when they begin to move and can easily turn around. Without you noticing accidentally causing choking. When left of guatita with the respiratory tract covered by the mattress. I hope this information will help you, whether or not you use this technique with your baby!

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