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Some of the most appropriate toys for the baby are the activity baby blanket ideas. Both for the floor and for the crib. Playing with them perfects your senses, discover how your body is, and exercise your muscles. In the first months of life sensory stimulation is a priority. Since the child discovers the world through sight, hearing and touch. That is why it is so advisable that you include didactic blankets among your child’s toys. There are for the floor, without and with flexible bars hanging accessories. Also called baby gyms and to place in the crib.

Although it seems a banal game, it is essential that from the third month you lay your child every day for a while on his blanket (do not let him fall asleep in this position). This will strengthen the muscles of the back and neck. On the other hand, the colors of the blanket, the different textures and sounds, the mirrors, the teethers and other accessories will stimulate your senses and awaken your desire to learn. Baby gyms provide young children with the same benefits as floor blankets, but in a more active way, since to reach the accessories that appeal to them, children have to raise their arms and legs, stretch, turn…

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All of them are great exercises to improve hand-eye coordination, strengthen the muscles and build up a better idea of what your body is like. The “multiactivities” of cradle with baby blanket ideas are a great option for babies. In addition to gaining strength and coordination of movements, learn to entertain themselves, which is a step in their autonomy. On the other hand, check that when you play a key with your hands or feet you produce a sound and that when you press a button a doll appears, it is one of the most pleasant ways to discover cause-effect relationships and to realize that they can make things happen.

The centers of activities for the crib are also a stimulus of the most convincing so that the time to go to sleep is less hard and they sleep more at ease. As you see, these interactive toys offer your child moments of fun and unrepeatable learning. Which benefit their sensory, physical, motor, intellectual and emotional development? Babies are interested in everything that happens at their side. They are eager to capture information, to learn, to try. Even so, an excess of stimuli is counterproductive for them. Keep this in mind and when your little one is entertained with his blanket. Do not offer him any other toy.

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These centers of activities consist of enough elements to satisfy your curiosity for a long time. And if you distract him by bringing him any other toy. They will not know which one to turn to and will lose the opportunity to investigate the many possibilities offer by the play blanket. Once your child stops playing with his floor baby blanket ideas, do not get rid of it. You can continue to use it as … Bedspread for the crib or stroller. Carpet for your bedroom (sew a net at the bottom, so that it is better fixed to the floor and your little one does not slip). Fabric headboard for when you go to your first “big boy” bed.