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Do you remember how the cribs were a few years ago, or a few decades ago? They had soft satin trim baby blanket, cushions, and protectors for the bars, some blankets on top and even stuffed animals. All this made the baby’s crib look like the most pleasant place in the world. Something likes sleeping in a cotton cloud. Now, however, we know that the place where the baby sleeps must be something quite far from that image, much more earthly and uncomfortable to look at. Come on, a crib with a firm mattress, a sheet and nothing else.

I repeat, nothing more. But this message has not yet reached all parents and a recent study shows that although babies should not sleep with soft bedding, many parents still use it. And the co-sleeping? As experts say, the safest place for a baby to sleep is one in which there is a firm mattress, a sheet snugly caught as a bottom and no quilts, blankets, cushions or stuffed animals. The “anti-roll” and the soft-bars protectors are less dangerous, but they are also considered dispensable, because the baby could be stuck to them and have difficulty breathing while sleeping.

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This safe place seems not to fit too much with the usual recommendation of sleeping with the baby. However, it is not really that far away, because one of the things that is always said so that collecting with the baby is safe is that the mattress must be firm, the sheets well taken and that the baby is not close to cushions, pillows, satin trim baby blanket or really, nothing soft that can cover him or his head. In this regard, and as the co-sleeping has been beneficial for the establishment of breastfeeding and breastfeeding prevents sudden death , the AEP recommends avoiding co-sleeping before 3 months of age and avoid sleeping on soft surfaces, among other recommendations .

So, putting all the tips in the blender, what I would do if I had a baby in my arms would be to put a crib next to the parents’ bed, with one side open in a way that would make a co-sleeping bed, with the mattresses at the same height. The baby’s crib with only the mattress and the sheet and nothing to cover it with. Then get a nice temperature in the bedroom or, in case we think it may be cold, put a little fatter pijamita.

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And in our bed, opt for a blanket to cover us and use the same solution as the baby (thicker pajamas) or, if you use satin trim baby blanket, leave it tucked in the foot of the bed in such a way that raising it completely cannot cover the baby’s head. Quality is also important, because your children deserve the best on the coldest winter nights so they do not get cold while resting in the arms of Morfeo. To do this, choose cotton and you will have 100% guaranteed quality. Cheer up and encourage the rooms of your little ones. They will be those who enjoy their bed to the fullest.