Good Comfort Giraffe Baby Blanket

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Not only do we have to worry that our baby’s crib and mattress are safe and of good quality. But there are also other factors. Such as everything that surrounds him, those additional elements that contribute to giving him a good comfort , that is, the giraffe baby blanket. Our baby will spend many hours in contact with these clothes . Especially their skin, so we recommend that this is made with natural fabrics. Such as cotton because it offers total naturalness, soft touch and easy washing and drying. It is very important that in your washing do not use substances that could be irritating to your skin such as bleach. Or certain softeners with a composition more aggressive than normal.

The crib linen consists mainly of sheets, blankets, quilt, quilt or duvet cover, the Nordic sack and the chichonera or protector. Next we are going to offer you our recommendations when choosing a certain garment from one of the previous categories. How to choose the sheet of our baby? It is what maintains a more direct contact with our child because of this we recommend that they be very soft. As long as no wrinkles are formed that bother the baby’s sleep. We must ensure that our bottom sheet is fully adjustable and fits the mattress.

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Our baby does not need a pillow but you can use a pillowcase. Because if you drool a lot, you can keep it clean.  We recommend the use of safety giraffe baby blanket. In a more mature period of the baby , if this is especially restless during the night so it will always stay warm. Although we must watch the closures well. How to choose the blanket of our crib? We will choose a fabric or another depending on the different seasons in order to maintain a balance baby’s body temperature.

We have to ensure that they do not dance a lot. And that they are fit well to eliminate discomfort in our son since if he is very restless he could get to wind up with them. And it is quite harmful. In the same way that we should wash the baby’s clothes before he starts putting them on. We should wash all of his crib clothes before he releases them. It is best to wash by hand. Or in a washing machine program for delicate items and without mixing with the clothes of adults. Using soaps and nonaggressive detergents can save rashes and allergies on the baby’s skin.

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Bedspreads and blankets are not wash as often or as easily as sheets. So it is important to always have a top sheet place between the baby and the blanket or blanket. Newborns often regurgitate milk during the night. So putting a washcloth or cloth under your head can be useful so you do not have to wash the whole sheet. You can use the pillow case that brings some sets of giraffe baby blanket for cribs, if you do not use the baby’s pillow.