Everything About Baby Crib Blankets

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Many babies who die due to sudden death syndrome or asphyxiation are found upside down or with their faces covered by blankets or pillows. For this reason, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you do not put blankets in your baby’s crib until you are at least 12 months old. After this age, the statistical probability of dying due to sudden death syndrome decreases drastically. The risk of suffocation is also reduced because most 12-month-olds are able to turn around and have the dexterity to remove a baby crib blankets from their face.

If you decide to use a blanket, choose a thin one and put the emboss well on the sides and at the foot of the mattress. Put your baby under the blanket so that the feet and lower part of the torso are covered, but the chest and head in the air (put the blanket under the arms, at chest height). Just bring the baby to his bed to feed or reassure him. Place your baby on his back in his own sleeping space when he is ready to do so. If you believe that there is any possibility of you falling asleep, make sure there are no pillows, sheets, blankets or anything that can cover the baby’s face, head or neck or that can overheat it. As soon as you wake up, make sure to change the baby to your own bed.

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Some babies turn to their stomachs. You should always place your baby to sleep on his back, but if your baby turns comfortably in both positions (from face to face to face up and vice versa), then you should not put him back on his back. However, make sure you do not have baby crib blankets, pillows, stuffed toys or crib pads near your baby so that your baby does not turn over any of these objects that can cause blockage of the air flow. There are soft or soft clothes or bedding, such as pillows or blankets on the bed.

Keep soft / soft objects, loose bedding or any object that may increase the risk of entrapment, suffocation or strangulation outside the bed or sleeping surface. These include: pillows, quilts, blankets, sheepskin blankets, blankets, toys, crib protectors, or similar products that are attached to the crib railings or their sides. If you are worried about your baby feeling cold, you can wear baby sleepwear, like a blanket to wear. Usually, your baby should be dressed in an extra layer of the one you have.

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You can wrap your baby. However, make sure your baby is always on his back when wrapped. Do not wrap the baby too tight or make it difficult for the baby to breathe or move their hips. When you see that your baby is trying to turn around, you should stop wrapping him in baby crib blankets. Do not consume alcohol or illicit drugs during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby. It is very important not to share the bed with your baby if you have been drinking alcoholic beverages, taking medications or ingesting illicit drugs that may make it difficult for you to wake up.