Cotton Baby Blankets Step By Step Tutorial To Do It Yourself

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Cotton baby blankets – To make your special cotton baby blankets, you will need: about 90 cm of light cotton fabric, with some nice pattern that makes it special; About 90 cm of warm fabric. You can use a cotton fabric if you want a blanket for spring; color thread to coordinate; pins and some medium size safety pin; pencil; base for cutting; sewing machine and an iron. And now how do I make the blanket? It is really easy. First, cut the fabrics to a size of 87 × 107 cm. make sure the fabric in well squared shaped. Keep in mind that the printed fabric must be on top of the other. The fabrics have to be well stretched, without wrinkles or creases.

Now place pins all around. If you put them perpendicular to the edge of the fabric, you can sew over them with the sewing machine without having to remove them. Now you have to cut the lining cotton baby blankets fabric to the size of the other. Mark each of the rounded corners. For this you can help with a small plate turned around. Place it on top of the fabric just at the edge of the corner and mark the arch. Do the same with the other three corners. When you have finished, cut the rounded corners where you marked them. Keep in mind that you must leave a hole without sewing between 15 and 25 cm. The time has come to move on to sewing. Once this is done you can remove the pins and sew safely. To finish you remove the basting and ready.

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Sew with a normal stitch 1 cm from the edge of the fabric. Starting with one of the marks of the hole you have made and sewing all around until you reach the other mark. You can sew without fear above the pins provided you have placed them perpendicular to the edge. Top off at the start and end of the seam with the option to retract your sewing machine. Once this is done, make small vertical cuts on the curved edge of the rounded corners. Be careful not to cut the stitches of the seam. Now remove the pins and safety pins that you placed. Turn the cotton baby blankets carefully through the hole you have left in the seam. Stretch well and iron all over the edge of the blanket so that the seams are smooth. Also iron all the rest of the blanket.

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Fold in 1 cm the edges of the hole that you have left without sewing and snap it so that it is fixed. Again place pins all around the edge of the blanket about 25 cm from each other. You can also put the safety pins again in the central part of the fabric. Repeat again for another side. A 2 or 3 mm of the edge makes a stitching all around the edge of the blanket. Including the hole that we left before and that now must be tightly closed. Keep in mind that this is the only thread that will be seen, so use a color thread to coordinate or contrast (to your liking) with the fabrics of the blanket. Remember to finish the seam again with the recoil lever of your sewing machine at the beginning and end of the seam. This way it will not easily fall apart.