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The bassinet is a very small bed in which the newborn usually sleeps the first three months of life. This bed is chosen because it fits better to the size and needs of the baby, which comes from being tight in the mother’s wadding and a standard custom baby blanket may still be too big. For the same reason in pre-Columbian America very tightly wrapped babies in cloth or fur. The bassinet usually has a hard mattress and the truth, in addition to practical, are beautiful in strictly decorative terms There are some very original!

The cribs have a long history and tradition. The first men used hollowed stones and tree barks to cradle their babies. When the houses began to take shape, the cribs became indispensable furniture that was used to raise all the children of the family, that is why they were very resistant and were built with solid materials. The eras and aesthetic trends also left their mark on the evolution of the cradles, which were perfected with ornaments, curtains and legs in the shape of a seesaw. The ones of today usually have wheels so that, in addition to rocking the baby, they serve to move it with ease.

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Today we see cribs custom baby blanket of different types and sizes. But the most important thing is that they are safe, therefore, since 1985, all must comply with a regulation that establishes, among other things, that the separation between the bars must be less than 6 centimeters, so that the head of the baby does not fit, or that the paint does not contain lead, which is toxic. It is recommended that the mattress is hard and that they avoid the pillows until the baby turns two years old. From there the important thing is that the crib is comfortable for the baby and for you.

Both measurements and shape and color of crib will depend on two aspects related to time: how much they will have it inside parents’ room and how much they intend to last them. Usual thing is that a baby sleeps with parents until four months, so if they decide for bassinet choice of crib would be more subject to size of piece in which they are going to place it. If not, you can always choose a co-sleeping model, which is very helpful for peace of parents at night and also for nightly shots.

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Think about making your child’s piece a cozy and quiet place. Cradle is fundamental element, but not only one, so it should not occupy all space. Many come with a small chest of drawers that also serves as a changing table. Super comfortable and practical! If you want crib custom baby blanket to serve as furniture for many years, there are some that can be removed from bars to turn it into a bed. If not, you can always dare with a DIY project and remove a part of bars to convert crib into a small sofa for piece, in a den for children to play or in another practical piece of furniture. What do you think?