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Today I am going to talk about what the newborn baby needs to sleep safely with carters baby blanket. In this post I also tell you some other things that will make your life a little easier. You have already heard that the first months the baby will spend a lot of time sleeping, although it is not always when one / one is good. You have to be clear that the priority is rest and safety of the baby at bedtime and not the beauty of the crib or quilts. The good thing is that nowadays we can have it all. Then I tell you how basic your newborn will need to sleep.

If you decide to do 100% co-sleeping, skip point one. The other points remain the same but instead of for the crib for the bed. Minicuna, or bassinet, (the first months) or cradle. The minicuna or Moses is more practical to carry throughout the house during the day. Even if you do co-sleeping from the beginning you will be very practical. Firm mattress perfectly adjusted to the crib. An extra sheet for the mattress will come in handy if you regurgitate often.

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A carters baby blanket of thickness adjusted to the temperature that will do at the time of birth or, later, two sleeping bags. I did not use sleeping bags. My daughter with a little heat that she has does not sleep or has never slept. A protector for the washable mattress that is well adjusted to it. Get one more if your baby regurgitates a lot. This 50 × 80 cm breathes and is waterproof, here of 60 × 120 cm. Then, full -body pajamas for sleeping. More or less finite so you do not have to worry about if you get the booties booties, or if you get cold by the tummy or anything.

As an extra I would recommend some muslin to wrap it. With some children it is a saint’s hand, they relax and fall asleep because they are curled up like in the womb. Look to be breathable and quality because some are not cotton and sweat and others are very rough to the touch. Actually, you do not need too many things but there are several factors to consider. We are very fond of co-sleeping but the truth is that the first part of the night was always done in his crib or minicuna happier than a partridge.

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The mattress should be firm, so that the baby does not sink into it. No pillows, stuffed animals, ties, ribbons or “antichichon” padded protectors. Nothing at all! Zero, Cotton sheets, should not be flannel or any material that loose fluff. The low sheets must fit very well on the mattress to prevent them from loosening and coiling when the baby begins to move. The top sheet and carters baby blanket or quilts should be tucked under the mattress on the bottom and sides to prevent the baby from wrapping with them. Between the poles of the crib should not be able to get the head of the baby.