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Today I will tell you some tips for long trips babies with baby car seat blanket. It was quite an adventure to prepare for such a trip with the two kids. We had never done a long trip with the baby until now, and we did not use the car very much. The most we had been in the car had been like an hour. So I’ve decided to collect a lot of ideas for traveling with tiny babies. These are ideas that were useful to me on this trip, or on previous trips when my oldest son was small. They are mostly for the car trip, but many could also be applied to long trips by plane.

Whether you are going to take long trips or short trips, children should go to countermarch (ACM) as long as possible. It’s the safest. But also, if you are going to take a long trip, I consider that they should be good chairs. Then as a second point, the strollers should be comfortable for the child. There are the groups 0 / maxicosi / huevito (the typical one that comes to you in set with the stroller). But I think that to make a long trip with a baby in a car, group 0 is not the best option.

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They usually recline little, and have little or no padding. Also, in case something falls on them, it is much more comfortable to wash some cases. Washing the fabric of the baby car seat blanket usually involves dismantling everything and is quite messy. But they also sell manufactured sleeves for summer, although the problem is that they fit well to the chair. For example, they told me that for the Kiss a universal case of Group 0 could be used. But it would only cover the bottom part, and not the head. Another interesting thing for summer is something that protects the chair when we have to leave the car in the sun.

You can also opt for homemade solutions, such as a towel. But in this case, I did choose to buy something specific, since I found an interesting option with a good price. I do not like anything when the buckles burn and have to put the baby, and this case is great. Of course, the better it fits, the better the chair isolates. I had the car all day in the sun, and in the afternoon, the buckle could be touched and everything. Covers to protect the baby car seat blanket upholstery. To this I gave many laps too. I was looking and looking at protectors.

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There are hundreds in the market, but still many are not designed for ACM chairs. What is the difference? Well, one is the subject of pockets to store things. Although I love it, the countermarch is much more dangerous. The problem is that in case of accident or even a braking, they could fall on top of things. It is also important not to put anything on the tray and close the lid of the boot. The other problematic point is usually the size and the method of attachment.

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