Beautiful Baby Blanket Embroidery For Unique And Original Gift

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Beautiful embroidered blankets for baby or newborn. The baby blanket is completely personalized with the baby blanket embroidery name of the baby. They are a unique and original gift for the baby but also dads will love. Made in soft microfiber, they are elegant, useful and extra-soft. Perfect for the stroller, the walk or the visit to the doctor. Baby blanket personalized with the name embroidered , you can also add an ornament to make it even more beautiful and unique. Choose among the options we offer you and ask for yours. It will be a memory for life, and is the ideal gift that should never be lacking in a basket.

Baby blankets embroidered with the name are very soft and with embossed topitos. They are made in minky, very similar to velvet. They are ideal for a cart, cradle, or carry in the maternal bag to have it always at hand. This blanket offers a great thermal power and a high degree of comfort, thanks to the first quality materials of which it is composed. All are named embroidered baby, you can choose the type of letter and color of the thread as you like. You can also add, if you wish, some precious ornaments that will make your blanket much more beautiful and original.

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We have created eight different models for you; if you are looking for something different do not hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to help you. All blankets are embroidered in our workshop, we design from the beginning and that is why we can offer you a product with a high quality of baby blanket embroidery and finishing. Our goal is to find in our store any embroidery you need, and when you receive the product you can see that it is more beautiful and better made than you had imagined. The personalized blankets for babies are a memory for a lifetime, and are the ideal and very useful gift that you should never miss in a basket.

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You just have to choose the product and the color of the embroidery and you will make a great gift that will delight everyone. And we remind you that they can be a perfect complement to add to the baby’s basket. Beautiful infant-style baby blanket with which your child will feel warm and protected at all times. It stands out for its great softness, because it is made of hair fabric. Its design is striking for its print with snowflakes scattered throughout the garment.

It has a nice baby blanket embroidery pattern that shows a polar bear in profile wearing a scarf around his neck and a hat with a pompom on his head. Under this drawing you can read the phrase: “Polar Bear” (Polar Bear). The edges of this blanket are made in contrasting plain color. The measurements of this wide blanket are 100 cm long and 80 cm wide. It is presented with lacing in satin ribbon, ideal for a gift.  What are you waiting for?