Beautiful And Comfortable Rose Baby Blanket

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If, in addition, the rose baby blanket becomes a bed, it will still use it longer. Therefore you have to invest time in choosing it and not make the decision lightly. The bed base must have an interior height of 60 cm in its lowest position and 30 cm in the highest. The separation between the bars of the railing should be between 4.5 and 6.6 cm. If the cradle has wheels, two of them must have a brake to prevent the cradle from moving suddenly. Between the mattress and the edges of the crib there should not be a gap of more than 2 cm on each side.

Do not put the crib attached to a window: besides being a cold area, your child can climb helped by the curtains or the ropes of them. For this reason, remove the chichonera as soon as you know how to stand up, so you do not use it as a trampoline. Also, do not place it next to the radiator, excess heat can be dangerous. Remember that when the child is standing upright, the mattress should be placed in the lowest position to avoid jumping over the bars and that you should never leave the side down if there is no adult at your side to prevent it from fall, unless your child knows how to get off the crib with ease.

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Pay attention to what you place near the crib. The child in a few months will kneel or stand up and reach anything with the hand so you have to pay special attention to the bedside lamps or leaving the hygiene products on the changing table. Do not use waterproof mattress protectors , since they do not allow air circulation between the mattress and the rose baby blanket and pose a risk of suffocation in case the child turns around and falls asleep on his stomach.

Better use cellulose soapers, placed in the area of ​​the culete. As for the clothes in the crib, you can dress as you like, but at bedtime remove everything, just the bottom sheet and a very thin blanket that you can tuck well at the foot of the crib. Until the year, feather quilts are not recommended because they create a microclimate that can raise the interior temperature a lot and babies as small do not know how to regulate their body heat.

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The most suitable until his first birthday is the pajamas bag that allows him to move freely without the risk of any garment covering his head. About the type of rose baby blanket and mattress to choose depends a little on the tastes of each person and family budget. It can be made of springs, latex, foam rubber, viscoelastic material, coconut fiber, etc. But in general, what is required of a child mattress is that it is firm for your back and comfortable. That fits well into the space of the crib and that does not leave free spaces where the child can put a hand or foot and get trapped.