7 Cute Baby Lovey Blanket Crochet Patterns

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I invite you to discover the most beautiful baby blanket now and inspiration on baby lovey blanket Crochet patterns. It’s no secret that babies need a lot of love and TLC, which is why it’s so important that they have plenty of comfortable blankets to snuggle with while they sleep. There are a lot of different styles of crochet baby blanket patterns to choose from; some are light and lace, while others are luxurious and diffuse. Some baby blankets have a small stuffed animal attached to them, which are often referred to as a “comfort object.”

These particular baby blankets are especially popular because both double as a plush blanket, as well as a plush toy to play with. Browse our favorite lovey crochet blankets in this collection of 7 Lovey Crochet Blanket Patterns for baby. Sunshine rainbow blanket Lovey. The bright colors of this crochet baby blanket pattern are sure to brighten up any room in your house, especially the nursery. The cute smiling sun will keep your baby company when he / she fall asleep. First, Have Blanket Lovey. Its simple crochet border added to this standard wool blanket makes this a quick and easy to work up crochet pattern.

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The cute knitted teddy bear adds the perfect finishing touch and turns this simple baby lovey blanket into a crocheted blanket for comfort for your baby. Snuggly owl blanket Lovey. The sleepy owl in this baby crochet blanket is perfect for Snuggle time with your little one. You need worsted weight threads (in any color combination) and a little padding to work up such an easy baby crochet blanket. Owl handmade blanket Lovey: Owls are a fairly neutral gender animal, which is part of the reason why they are so popular for baby crochet patterns. This is another cute pattern of the crochet owl that boys and girls will surely love.

The stitch of the grandmother is used to weave the baby blanket and the puff stitch is used for the crochet border. Monster crochets fleece blankets. This particular baby crochet blanket is probably best for small children. These monsters looking foolish are not scary at all and they are surprisingly easy to crochet. Simply find the perfect piece of fleece to use for the body, and use worsted weight yarn to work up to the head, arms and legs. Puppy dog ​​blanket Lovey. The puppies always bring a smile to anyone’s face, and this crocheted puppy is no different. Find a Fido fleece with themes and use thread to work up the legs and face.

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This is a quick and easy crochet pattern that would be an excellent welcome gift for a new mom, especially if she loves dogs! Comforting bunny Lovey: This adorable Afghan crochet pattern of our friends in the red heart is impossible to resist. It is a baby-sized blanket that is of an appropriate size for the little ones that they carry along with them wherever they go. Only a few skeins of worsted weight yarn are needed to complete this baby lovey blanket pattern.